Meet me half way.

For awhile now I’ve been living with my siblings. I dislike the way I’m treated. If I’m paying for things they shouldn’t be eaten unless asked. You can’t make food with something I’ve purchased and not offer me any.

If I’m not in the mood to answer your 8 questions in a row. Don’t sulk and throw a bitch fit. I’m the youngest but I hate when I’m not treated correctly. Sometimes I feel like I’m acting like the older person. I always feel like I have to meet the person half way. All my life. You can’t act like your my mother figure or my father figure either. I have those.

I wish I got treated as an equal. I’m far more intellectual than you think. You can’t judge someone that you don’t know. You don’t know me as a person. You only know me as a younger sibling who’s made mistakes in the past. I wish things were different. :(

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